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At Total Fitness Health Club we’re committed to improving lives through exercise, and that means we’re committed to you. Our goal is to give you what you want, no matter what your experience or fitness level, and that means helping you achieve RESULTS! Our aim focuses on making sure you get the most out of your membership whether you’re determined to learn a new skill, slim down, tone up, increase your pace, slow it down or achieving your personal best.

Our club also has a vibrant social atmosphere, numerous group fitness classes and club social events arranged so that you can meet like-minded members in a relaxed setting. Our affordable membership packages offer options and flexibility so you can get fit, feel great and have fun all at the same time. It's time to get fit for life! Start today.


  • Hours of Operation
  • Monday to Friday: 5:30am – 9:00pm
  • Saturday: 7:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • EMAIL:
  • TEL: 0302.543.756 / 0205.107.882


As a member you’ll take pride in knowing you’re part of something special, whether you’re determined to get Lighter, Leaner, Stronger or Achieving your personal best. Our mission is to give you the tools to achieve your goals. We’re committed to improving lives through exercise and that means we’re committed to you. By delivering fresh and innovative programs, first-class facilities and exceptional customer service at affordable prices, we want to put the benefits of exercise within easy reach of our members. Our goal is to be there to help you live your longest, happiest, healthiest life. Let’s grow stronger together – Join the Total Fitness Health Club.

Find out why everybody is talking about us

  • We are a new, young buzzing gym
  • Exciting & Affordable Packages *Ask about our new student membership.
  • State-of-the-art equipment & Cardio area
  • Wide range of group exercise classes throughout the day
  • Exclusive studio location for classes by Quiana Canfor-Dumas and Dumas Fitness & Health
  • Swimming pool access included in all memberships
  • Full locker facilities (Please bring your own padlock)
  • Personal Trainers
  • Great atmosphere
  • Conveniently located to shopping, business, leisure and service facilities
  • Easy parking
  • Open 7 days per week
  • Great customer service


Jogging Fit

A running club of like-minded runners. Participants run a course in close proximity to the gym in a group environment.

Times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:45 AM

Body Conditioning

A series of repetition that focuses on major and secondary muscles to build endurance and strength. 

Instructor: Gideon

Time: Wednesday at 6:30 AM

Cardio Kick

High-impact cardio class that uses fitness elements that build core strength and increase flexibility. The class is segmented and participants use various methods to receive an all around benefit for the whole body. Dumbbells provided.

Instructor: Gideon

Time: Saturday at 8:00 AM

Body Pump

This workout uses weights and/or body bars to promote muscular endurance, flexibility and body alignment.

Instructor: Charles

Time: Tuesday at 6:00 AM


High-Impact cardio class with a mixture of movements that provides a full body workout. 

Instructor: Charles

Time: Thursday at 6:00 AM


A body conditioning fitness program that focuses on improving flexibilityand core strength while using an exercise mat, exercise ball, and targeting core muscles. 

Instructor: Josiah

Time: Friday at 7:00 PM


A body conditioning program that utilizes pilates elements (flexibility, stretchng, core exercises, exercise ball) as well as fast-moving martial arts movements to provide full body conditioning. 

Instructor: Josiah

Time: Monday at 7:00 PM 

African Dance

Heat it up! Burn calories while you shake up your workout. Experience the energy of dancing to a fast-moving aerobic class with dance styles from all over Africa!

Instructor: Rawlings

Time: Thursday at 6:30 PM / Friday at 7:00 AM

Kick Butt

A total cardio, plyometric class that uses dance and step movements to provide a super fun, full-body workout. Bring your energy!

Instructor: Rasheed

Time: Tuesday at 6:30 PM / Friday at 6:00 AM


A new class offered by an expert African Dance instructor.

Instructor: Nana Kwasi

Time: Mondays at 6:30 AM


Our commitment to our members starts from early stages as we understand that Kids need exercise too, in order to feel healthy and energetic, as well as to grow and develop to their highest potential. Habits established in childhood often stay with people throughout their lives. Parents offer their children enormous gifts when they teach them to love sports and other physical activities. In addition to benefiting their physical and emotional health, participation in sports and other active games allows kids healthy social interaction with peers, helping them to develop friendships.

Swimming Classes

Swimming is one of the most crucial life skills your kids can have. Besides being a fun way to keep fit, swimming builds confidence and could prevent drowning. Our experienced instructors teach kids at all levels to be confident, safe swimmers. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures each student gets the focus and attention he or she needs to succeed, and our year-round classes keep kids advancing.

Martial arts classes

Improved focus, better listening skills, self discipline, healthy life style, development of leadership skills, extreme fun and safe environment, these and many more are the reasons why you should not hesitate to enroll your child to Total Fitness Health Club Tae Kwon Do Classes.

Cost: 400 GHC per month



Fridays- 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturdays- 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Sundays- 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Call us at 0302543756 to enquire. 


As a Total Fitness member, you’ll have access to a large selection of exercise equipment, exciting group classes, and our professional staff of fitness experts. Our club also offers a vibrant social atmosphere and club social events arranged so that you can meet like-minded members in a relaxed setting. Our membership packages offer options and flexibility so you can get fit, feel great and have fun all at the same time. Our affordable membership options make total fitness accessible to everyone. Have a look at the list below and decide what plan is the most suitable for you.

Exciting & Affordable Packages

  • Peak Membership (12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month)
  • Off Peak Membership (12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month)
  • Two Week Membership
  • 15 sessions package
  • 10 sessions package
  • Walk- In Session (one time only)
  • Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) only membership
  • Student Membership (12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month)
  • Corporate Packages
  • Personal Training 
  • Swimming Membership

Please call or email us at +0302.543756 or email to

Current Reward Programs


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