BROLL seeks to transform A&C Shopping Mall

Broll Ghana, the leading brand in Property Management services in the country, has taken over the management of the A&C Shopping Mall. The property managers, who manage over US$150 million worth of property in Ghana have a good sense of the Ghanaian market and are truly specialized in shopping mall and commercial management.

The A&C shopping mall, located at the East Legon settlement here in Accra, has been managed by its owners A&C Development Company since its existence five years ago.

Edmund Kwabena Asamoah, the Manager of Finance and Strategic Planning of A&C Development Company believes that “after being in operation for five years and having expanded the leasable space three-fold by adding offices, health and leisure centre, playground and game centre, the owners considered it imperative to bring in a professional management company”.

With total confidence in the track record of Broll Ghana, Edmund described “Their marketing, advertising and event planning as very strong to increase the traffic here at the arcade. People should expect to experience a combination of services; shopping, dining, entertainment experience, and a blend of everything in one place so clients can have a good time of their day over here”.

—Source (Business & Financial Times, July 16th, 2010)


A&C’s growth over the past 5 years and future development, has captured the true essence of what a mixed used centre encompasses, a combination of facilities that benefits the community.

Mixed-use is more than the flavour of the month. It incorporates many of the features now demanded by an increasingly sophisticated and educated customer base, particularly in mid- to high-income areas. Concentrating shop, live, work and play in one area fosters walking and bicycling.

The rebranding of A&C Mall is essential to changing the perception of the mall from a single purpose entity to a mixed use facility. The new brand will highlight the current and future services and facilities on the premises. The construction of the mall was the first phase of four phases in the A&C project. Now A&C Development Co. Ltd, has completed construction of phase II fitness centre and swimming pool and phase III business plaza. The final phase IV which will be a combination of an upscale retail and office plaza will commence construction in 2011.

Since the mall was the first initial project and landmark, the name A&C Mall was adopted and has carried on since its inception. Over the last 4 years the completion of phase II and III has made the use of the name A&C Mall ineffective in marketing these additional facilities, hence the need to rebrand to A&C Square.

With its unique services & facilities it has been clearly identified that A&C concept is a mixed used development comprising of shopping, business and leisure, which has become one of the fastest growing and popular concept in the western environment.

A&C Wins Award (30/01/2007)

The A&C Development Company was among 21 (Twenty-one) Ghanaian Entrepreneurs who were honoured with the “PLANTERS OF SEED” Award at the 2005 Ghana Club 100 Awards Ceremony held at the Accra International Conference Center on Tuesday 12th December 2006. This Award is in recognition of Contributions of Non-Resident Ghanaians to the growth of Industry and Commerce as well as the national Economy.

A total shopping experience • 02/08/2006

Located in one of the affluent neighborhood in East Legon, A&C Shopping Mall, the first of its kind to be built in Ghana has started operations with about 30 various shops already opened to the public. The Mall boast of a very large capacity car park with excellent security measures for shoppers.

A total shopping experience is the phrase use to describe the experience felt by most people who patronize the mall as it affords the shoppers the opportunity to get all they want under one roof.

The shopping mall which is situated in East Legon , Accra and sited on a 5-acre land (6000 square meters) is a one stop shop, which reduces the stress of shoppers having to move from one shop to another to buy or get products and services.

This to a large extent cuts down the traffic situation and relieves many shoppers of stress. With the end of the first phase MaxMart Shopping Center occupies 80% of the ground floor and the remaining play host to arrays of boutiques, Internet café, gift shops, travel and tour operators a bank and other shops dealing in various kinds of products.

According to Mr. Andy Asamoah a retired lawyer formerly with the UN, and now the executive chairman of A&C Shopping Mall, the original intention for acquiring the land was to go into real estate. However, he decided to build the mall as he realized that Accra , the capital city and Ghana as a whole has no shopping mall.

This is one of his contributions to the country in the form of a social service. Mr. Asamoah explained that there is a difference between a shopping mall and a shopping center and in fact, most shops in the country are shopping centers.

The mall which, offer a lot of job opportunities to both skilled professionals and unskilled work ers currently employs about 500 people.

The second phase would house fitness center, playground, swimming pool, cinema hall and conference center. The third phase which is also underway would house shops dealing in electrical, building materials including plumbing materials and lighting etc

All this is intended to make shopping experience a memorable one where the family can spend the whole day and relax, yet get things done easily.

As in the case with most growing businesses in Ghana , sourcing for funds from the banks in Ghana for the project proved difficult. According to Mr. Asamoah , who also held the position of director of administration and finance of WHO in Geneva , he had to fall on banks outside the country for support in terms of funds.

Mr. Asamoah observed that facility maintenance and human resource development is a short coming with most businesses in the country and as part of his grand design he is resolve to maintain the highest standards of facility and also train unskilled work ers to become skilled professional. This training would be extended to all work ers of the various shops occupying the mall.

A&C has come at the right time to save shoppers from moving long distances from place to place to buy what they need.

—Courtesy of Ghana Business & Financial Times (August, 2005)

Interest Renewed • 04/08/2006

UNTIL quite recently, the idea of a shopping mall was alien to the Ghanaian. In the mid-1990s, the former Kingsway stores in Accra was transformed into a shopping mall. It is difficult to say whether the concept has caught on with residents of Accra, particularly so because of the central location of the mall and the heavy traffic jam in the area which is closer to the central business district.

In cities where the concept has caught on well, in places like Europe and America, the municipal authorities zoned places for shopping malls in most of the suburbs particularly areas on the outskirts of the metropolis. Nonetheless, a few decades ago, shoppers in Europe and America also had to travel to the centre of the cities such as Westend in London and Manhanttan in New York. But as cities expanded, most of the residents moved to the suburban areas of the metropolis, necessitating shopping malls and parks to serve their needs. Besides bringing shopping to the doorsteps of the residents, the shopping mall concept contributed to reducing congestion in the city centres as it reduced the rush to the central business district to transact business. Another disadvantage of the lack of shopping mall is the fact that shoppers and housewives have to go from shop to shop to purchase items for the home.

The shopping mall concept provided the avenue for a one stop centre as one could get all his or her needs under one roof. The family is spared the stress of looking for a place for the children to play while daddy or mummy does the shopping as the Internet café or playground could occupy the children’s time.

A Ghanaian entrepreneur, Mr Andy Asamoah, has decided to reduce the drudgery of shopping in Accra by providing a one-stop shopping centre at east Legon near Christian Centre in Accra. Known as the A&C Shopping Mall, Mr Asamoah, a lawyer by profession who had lived abroad for most parts of his life and worked for the UN systems said his aim was to provide shopping convenience to people in East Legon, Madina, Legon, Haatso, Atomic, Adenta, Airport residential Area, Kwabenya and Ashongman.

He said the supermarket in the country now did not provide convenience to shoppers and housewives because anybody who wanted to do his/her groceries as well as other things had to do groceries in a supermarket and go to shops scattered all over the city to do their hairs, check their mails, go to the restaurant or go to the bank for some money. In Ghana, he regretted, the people do not have the advantage of shopping as a family because as the woman goes to the market , the children are elsewhere playing while the man goes to another place to check his mail or get a haircut.

He said Ghana had lagged behind in promoting the concept of shopping malls while places like Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana were ahead. Mr Asamoah said although he acquired the land for a housing project, he changed his mind and decided to put up shopping mall to take care of the needs of shoppers and also be in tune with development all over the world.

He said under the same roof, there were 30 shops which had been rented by well known enterprises such as MaxMart, Woodin and ECOBANK. The rest are destined for liquor shop, medical clinic, a dental clinic, a laboratory, a hairdressing salon, Internet café, travel agency, fashion shops for women, a furniture shop, ice cream shop, a restaurant, pharmacy, optical, household and linen, body shop, electronics, computers, forex bureau, playground and ATM facility of the Barclays Bank.

Mr Asamoah said the official opening of the first phase will take place by the end of October 2005. The second phase will take care of a fitness centre with swimming pool, a social centre, hardware complex, a flower shop and others. He said the shopping mall facility had a spacious car park for 500 cars. Under the second phase, he said another bank would open it’s doors to public in the area to transact business.

Mr Asamoah said he decided to make the investment as his contribution to the development of the society, saying that the government alone could not shoulder all the responsibilities. He noted that all over the world individual citizens with resources had made the difference in their respective countries and called on Ghanaians who could, to help in the country’s development.

Touching on the outcry against a filling station he had constructed near the shopping mall, Mr Asamoah said the hullabaloo showed the ignorance of Ghanaians to the concept of a shopping mall. In the advanced societies, all shopping malls have filling stations attached to them.

In any event he explained that it was not true that he did not obtain permission to put up a filling station. Mr Asamoah said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the city authorities, the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and the Energy Commission had all certified the structure.

He stressed the need for government to encourage the people to be in the forefront of the development drive. Foreign investment is good, he said, but admonished that “we should be careful about the people we invite to do business because when there are difficulties in the economy. They will leave for their countries”.

Mr Asamoah said the future was in the hands of the people of Ghana and urged all to give their best in any endeavor, whether private or public that was entrusted to them.

Article: Ransford Tetteh
(Courtesy of Daily Graphic, September 6, 2005)

President’s Speech • 05/11/2005

“The Executive Chairman and Board of the A&C Shopping Mall,
Hon.Ministers and Members of Parliament
Excellencies Members of the Diplomatic Corp,
Our Esteemed Traditional Rulers,
Invited Guests,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

I am happy to be here this morning, to personally congratulate Mr. and Mrs Asamoah, the owner of A&C Shopping Mall, who have made this impressive investment here in Accra after their long sojourn abroad. The successful achievement of their goal should assure other potential Ghanaian investors abroad, as well as foreign investors that currently, it is not only safe but also, profitable to invest in Ghana.

It has been Governments policy since 2001 to develop the Private Sector to become the main engine for economic growth in order to generate employment, create wealth and reduce poverty to invest in Ghana.

Since then, macro-economic policies, including strict financial management, the adoption of HIPC, rationalization of the prices of utilities and the deregulation of the petroleum sector, have all aimed at creating an enabling environment which would support the growth of the Private sector. The establishment of the Ministry for Private Sector Development, has also been in support of that same agenda.

The process has been challenging but the unfolding results are positive. Inflation is lowering steadily making planning possible, there is ready access to cheaper credit for businesses and individuals and the Cedi is relatively stable against major foreign currencies. What is more, the international community is acknowledging the country’s successes with a lot of goodwill, while more local and foreign investors are confidently investing in different parts of the country’s economy. There has never been better time for investing in this country. The establishment of A&C Shopping Mall is yet another evidence that the emerging Private Sector is responding positively to government’s policies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure that the one-stop shopping concept of A&C Shopping Mall is a welcome addition to the one or two malls in this city and a blessing to many busy working couple. I do hope that some local manufacturers would avail themselves of the facilities here to showcase their products to a wider clientele.

My expectation is that A&C Mall will generate investor interest in the one-stop shopping concept and establish few more strategically in the city. This will not only make shopping a pleasure, generate employment for a few more people, but it will also help to reduce traffic congestion significantly within the city, especially during the week-ends.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without the tenants, this beautiful edifice will be no shopping mall. I therefore congratulate all the tenants in this shopping mall and encourage them to be not just good tenants, but also good corporate citizens of the nation, by meeting their tax obligation and also, by safeguarding the international image of the mall through strict observation of environmental and sanitary regulations in accordance with world standards.

I wish the 100 individuals who have already secured employment in the mall very well, in the hope that they will appreciate their good fortune and work hard to earn their keep.

Finally, I wish to commend once again, Mr. and Mrs. Asamoah of A&C Development Company Limited and assure them of government’s continued support as they work through the second and third phases of this project.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now my singular honour and pleasure to declare the A&C Shopping Mall duly open.”

Executive Chairman’s speech • 05/11/2005

“Your Excellency John Agyekum Kufour, President of the Republic of Ghana
Honourable Ministries and Members of Parliament
Excellencies Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Esteemed Traditional Rulers
Esteemed and Supportive Tenants
Invited Guests
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

First and foremost, let me welcome and thank you all for your kind acceptance of this invitation on the occasion of the formal opening of the A&C Shopping Mall. Mr. President, I am honored that in spite of your numerous duties and responsibilities, you have made the time to be with us this morning. Thank you, Mr. President.

Today is a very special day. The long-awaited dream of my wife (Cecilia) and I have come true. As you may be aware, we have spent a greater part of our lives outside Ghana and it was always our dream that one day we shall be able to come home and contribute positively o the development of our motherland.

Mr. President, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, when I separated from United Nations I had the option of staying on in Switzerland where we have resided for over 18 years but we decided to come home. I must admit that it was with much trepidation that we took the decision to go into business taking into account the horror stories we have heard from colleagues who have tried to set up businesses back home in Africa. Our fears were, however, greatly allayed when I attended the Home Coming Summit initiated by the present Government. I sensed that the Government genuinely wanted to pursue policies that would create the enabling economic environment for investors.

We were able to complete the project in a record time of two years, instead of the four years, originally anticipated. In this regard, I take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the timely completion of this project, including public sector operators like AMA, the Town Planning Department, Electricity Corporation, Architects Regroup, the architectural company that designed the building, the engineers and workers as well as private companies like Interplast, Ghacem, Total, Dizengoff, etc. I also thank all the tenants who have been very supportive and cooperative in our mutual attempt to make this Mall a success.

Mr. President, the project is in three phases. The Shopping Mall is only the first phase. The Mall has some 30 outlets offering a wide range of shops and services, as you may see when you go around. The Mall opens from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m on Sunday. The one stop shopping concept, which this Mall represents allow members of the community to shop together as a family without stress and hassle.

The Second phase which is scheduled for completion at the end of 2006 will be a leisure centre compromising f a Fitness centre, Swimming Pool, a Health Spa, Cinemas, a Social Centre, Children’s Playground, a Fast Food Restaurant, etc. The third phase will be a hardware store and an ultra an ultra-modern health centre providing a comprehensive range of medical care and facilities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope this our modest effort will be an encouragement to Ghanaians both at home and in the Diaspora that it can be done that the Government’s Policy of Golden Age of Business is real and not an illusion.

Mr. President, my remarks cannot be completed without paying special compliments to my dear wife and partner, Cecilia for her unflinching support and dedication. I must also take this opportunity to thank my mother and mother-in-law who are here with us, for their love and support.

Mr. President, I salute you for your vision and your relentless effort to make this country a better place for all. Thank you for gracing this occasion with your presence and may the Almighty God bless you and our beautiful country Ghana.”

Kweku Temeng's interview with the CEO of A&C Mall - MAY 2015

A&C Mall Exective Chairman to speak at conference in South Africa

Mr. Andrew Asamoah, Executive Chairman of A&C Mall will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Mixed Use Developments Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Asamoah will use his extensive experience to provide insight on "Mapping a Detailed Project Delivery Plan for Mixed Use Developments in Sub-Saharan Africa".

The event will take place from 20th-22nd July with Mr. Asamoah slated to speak, as well as moderate a roundtable discussion.

For more information on the conference kindly visit:


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